Teeny’s passion for design, photography, and wanderlust was moulded at a young age.  She traveled the world during adolescence, always with a camera in hand and in search for a unique vintage or natural treasure.  Teeny received her B.A. in Furnishings and Interiors from The University of Georgia.  She has been working in design and photography for ten years, passionately implementing worldly inspiration and global architecture into her interiors and lifestyle art photography.  Her designs adorn a clean timeless palette with refined colorful details of objet and art.   

Her wanderlust-inspiring prints are vibrant and rich in color, with an artful polish. Featuring an abundance of glamorous locations and seaside luxury, Teeny's work boasts a signature stylistic elegance and influences in nature. With a keen eye for natural beauty, she captures raw, visually stimulating scenes that celebrate the world’s allure.

Teeny lives in Charleston, SC with her husband, Trey, and French Bulldog, Scooter.